PGS Handheld Game Console Lets Us Play PC Games on the Move

Lots of mobile games are too casual to draw our attention. Feel the same? Take a look at PGS, the handheld game console lets us play PC games on the move.

PGS Handheld Game Console for PC Games with Android Smartphone

The PGS is an innovative and powerful mobile game console that comes in two models including PGS Hardcore and PGS Lite. The PGS Hardcore measures 164.1 x 84 x 1.8mm, weights 320g, while the PGS Lite is 160 x 81 x 1.4mm and weights 245g. Apparently the Lite version is more portable, but the hardcore delivers more powerful performance that can handle more computer games. As shown in the images, the PGS looks a bit like Nintendo Plus, a concept game console, but it shows off more elegant and stylish appearance with its smooth edges, slim profile and gorgeous detailing.

PGS Handheld Game Console for PC Games with Android Smartphone

The handheld game console is powered by an Intel Atom x7-Z8760 2.56GHz quad-core processor with Intel HD Graphics 600MHz 16 cores and comes with 4GB/8GB LPDDR3 1600 RAM and 64GB/128GB SSD along with microSD card slot supporting up to 512GB in order to deal with various games, and its 5.7-inch HD/QHD touchscreen display delivers high-quality images with smooth gradients, while its second touchscreen display can be used as an additional display or simulate computer mouse or keyboard for handy operation.

PGS Handheld Game Console for PC Games with Android Smartphone

The mobile game console runs Windows 10 OS, so you can use it to enjoy various applications and games for classic desktop solution, and its dual analog sticks, D-pad, four firing buttons and shoulder buttons deliver immersive gaming experience. Moreover, removable rechargeable battery offers up to 5 hours of AAA gameplay time, and it also supports streaming from your PS4, Xbox One and PC. Meanwhile, the PGS also has built-in Android 6 OS which allows it to work as an Android smartphone, and other specs also include built-in 5.0/stereo speakers, built-in cam and webcam (8MP/2MP or 5MP/1.3MP), GPS, and microHDMI port.

The crowdfunding campaign is ongoing on Kickstarter. You can pledge $230/$260 to preorder one PGS Lite or PGS Hardcore handheld game console. Both models will be shipped in March 2017.

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