Petoi Bittle Mini Robot Dog Powered by Arduino

Petoi Bittle robot dog looks like a tiny version of Boston Dynamic robot dog, and with programmable and expandable design, it’s perfect for STEM and fun.Petoi Bittle Mini Robot Dog Powered by Arduino

The assembled Bittle robot dog measures 20 x 11 x 11cm and weighs less than 280g, and it’s able to carry up to 450g cargo under its belly. The body frame of the robot features an interlocking design, it can be assembled with very few screws involves, and the assemble and disassemble design allows for teaching and maintenance.

The mini robotic dog comes equipped with 9 P1S servos with a controllable angle of 270 degrees for accurate and fast movements.Petoi Bittle Mini Robot Dog Powered by Arduino

Furthermore, the core of the robot is a customized Arduino board with rich peripherals named NyBoard V1, and with a 2×5 socket, it supports Raspberry Pi. With extensible modules, you can add more functions to your Bittle like camera module, gesture sensor, light sensor and more.

Moreover, it’s programmable in various coding environments to fit for different levels including C in Arduino IDE, Python in the terminal, and a graphical coding environment.Petoi Bittle Mini Robot Dog Powered by Arduino

The crowdfunding campaign for Bittle is ongoing on Kickstarter. We can pledge $225 to preorder the mini robot dog. It will be shipped in December 2020.

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