Petkit Automatic Pet Water Dispenser

Using triple purifying system Petkit automatic pet water dispenser provide clean water for your fuzzy friends. Like the idea? Let’s keep checking.

Petkit Automatic Pet Water Dispenser

This is a beautifully designed and advanced water dispenser designed for dogs and cats. The dispenser measures 7.1 x 7.1 x 6 inches. As we can see from the images, it shows off an elegant and minimalistic appearance design to fit for different interior styles, and the compact form factor allows you to place it on the floor in any room.

Petkit Automatic Pet Water Dispenser

The pet drink water dispenser is large enough to hold 70 ounces of water, and it features a triple purifying system-1 that consists of a mesh screen, an activated carbon filter and an ion-exchange-resin in order to remove hair, debris, bad tastes, odors, and heavy metal ions in the water, which ensures it always dispenses clean water. When the filter needs to be replaced, the filter indicator will become yellow and flash to remind you of replacing it with a new one.

Furthermore, its unique water flow design allows it to fit for dog drinking and cat licking. In addition to a normal mode, the water dispenser delivers a smart mode. Using a built-in light sensor, it detects when is day and when is night, and based on different time, it will automatically change the working frequency.

Petkit Automatic Pet Water Dispenser

The automatic pet water dispenser bowl is priced at $65.59 USD. If you’re interested, jump to here for its more details.

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