PetBot is a Smart Device That Lets Your Pet Send You Selfies

Our pets always wait for us to come home everyday. Apparently it’s unfair for these cute creatures that only live up to a dozen years so PetBot was born, which help him/her always connect with you.

PetBot Smart Device Lets Your Pet Send You Selfies

The PetBot is an innovative and pretty fun smart device dedicatedly designed for our cute pets. As we can see from the images, the PetBot shows off a pretty cute design with a pair of ears on the top, and compact profile ensures the smart pet gadget fit in any place in your home where your pet can reach easily.

As almost smart devices, the PetBot features inbuilt WiFi connectivity that allows you to keep connection with your pet at home wherever you’re. And you can record your own voice or upload music or sounds for your PetBot. Using the audio, it’s capable to draw your pet’s attention, meanwhile, built-in camera with pet recognition automatically captures a selfie of your pet and send it to your handset.

PetBot Smart Device Lets Your Pet Send You Selfies

In addition to taking selfies, the integrated camera also can be used to stream live video or record your pet’s videos. Moreover, PetBot also features a treat dispenser with a controlled number of treats in order that you can interact with your dog or cat, and don’t worry about overfeeding.

With its unique “petificial intelligence” based on visual and audio info, the smart device can detect and know when to notify you of interacting with your fuzzy friend in order to keep your pet stimulated throughout the day. In addition, using the combination of treat dispenser, camera and audio, you can also train your dog even away from home.

The PetBot has been available for preorder via Indiegogo. You can pledge $189 to own the smart device for pets. It will be shipped in May next year. BTW, also don’t miss Pod GPS pet tracker and more cool stuff by following tags.


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