Pero Wearable Mouse with Gesture Control

Pero wearable mouse not only works as a regular wireless mouse, but also supports gesture control, and it works with computers, mobile devices and smart TVs.Pero Wearable Mouse with Gesture Control

The Pero is an innovative and versatile wearable mouse that comes in two sizes, and it weighs approx 36g. As shown in the images, the wearable device delivers a lightweight and compact design, and with a curved strap design, the silicone band delivers a comfort fit for every user.

Using built-in Bluetooth connectivity and optional 2.4GHz receiver, the  mouse works with Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android, iOS, iPadOS, Android TV, Samsung HID and more devices.Pero Wearable Mouse with Gesture Control

Furthermore, the wireless mouse features an IMU sensor with GR algorithm to accurately capture and recognize the movement of your hand, so it supports up to 48 gesture commands.

Moreover, the wearable mouse comes equipped with a thumb button that serves as a mouse click, and it’s placed right next to your thumb for easy to reach. Furthermore, it features integrated capacitive touch panel that precisely recognizes each individual fingertip and when they’re being pressed down for more flexible operation.Pero Wearable Mouse with Gesture Control

In addition, using its companion application, the wearable mouse analyzes your natural gesture habits and patterns to provide personalized setting suggestions. And 37-minute charge offers up to 37 hours of usage.

The crowdfunding campaign for Pero is ongoing on Kickstarter. We can pledge $109 to preorder the wearable mouse. It will be shipped in November 2020.

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