Pay-per-sit Bench with Spikes

How do you think about the pay-per-sit bench? crazy, functional, or anything else? Anyway, we think this is a penny-hungry bench.

Pay-per-sit Bench with Spikes

Designer Fabian Brunsing came up with the awesome beach called Pay & Sit: The Private Bench. Just as we see, the bench is covered with retracted metal spikes. If you want to sit on the bench for a rest, you’ll have to insert a €0.50 coin into the box placed under the bench. Then the terrible spikes will be hidden automatically. Once the alarm rings, you’ll have to leave the bench, otherwise, your butt might be riddled with a thousand gaping wounds.

Pay-per-sit Bench with Spikes

After the break, check out the video of the bench.

Pay-per-sit Bench with Spikes Source

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