Pascal Press Travel Mug and Portable Coffee Maker

With its integrated portable coffee maker, Pascal Press travel mug lets you always brew high-quality coffee with ease wherever you are. Cool? Let’s keep checking.

Pascal Press Travel Mug with Portable Coffee Maker

The Pascal Press is a practical and easy-to-use all-in-one pressure coffee maker that measures 2.8/3.0 inches diameter by 8.5 inches height. As we can see from the images, the coffee brewer shows off a portable, cylindrical body in order that you can use it as a travel mug to hold water, coffee or other beverages, and its leak proof lid keeps your beverage in place, while its silicone grip makes it a pleasure to hold.

Pascal Press Travel Mug with Portable Coffee Maker

More importantly, Pascal Press features an integrated coffee maker. All you need to do is just add your favorite coffee grounds and pour hot water in the travel mug, after a short and full immersion steep, you can push down on the plunger to extract the coffee from the its patent-pending stainless steel flow tube. Furthermore, its inner and outer tubes are made of BPA free copolymer, and all materials are FDA approved for food safety. In addition, after drinking your coffee, you can easily take the filter out using its flow tube as a handle, give it a tap, and the grounds come off for east to clean.

Pascal Press Travel Mug with Portable Coffee Maker

The crowdfunding campaign for is on going via Kickstarter. You can pledge $85 to preorder the travel mug with portable coffee maker. It will be shopped in March next year. BTW, also don’t miss the mini coffee press and more related cool stuff by following tags

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