Sniper iPhone 4 Stand

Strictly speaking, we should call it iPhone 4 base, because it doesn’t become iPhone 4 stand if a credit card or other similar thing is assembled with the base.

Awesome Free iPLUNGE iPad Stand

Many people should like the cute iPLUNGE iPhone stand featuring a favorable price. Now the plunger-shaped stand supports iPad tablet, what is more important, the iPad stand is free.

AT-AT Walker Pet Dog

It’s really crazy idea. We never thought the AT-AT Walker in Star Wars can turn into a pet. From the video “AT-AT Day Afternoon”, Patrick Boivin obviously got the …

Get the New Amazon Kindle DX

Now, Amazon Kindle, the great ebook reader firing up our reading passion shows us its latest body: Kindle DX, a bigger Kindle with 9.7 inches E-ink screen by Amazon.