Pacman Around Your Neck

We’re not sure whether Pacman is more popular among girls, but the amount of girls who love the cute game character are not small. So the dedicate Pacman necklace …



Space Invaders Invade Tetris

No doubt, the alien called Space Invaders is the most invasive 8-bit cartoon creature. Now one of them has invaded into the world of Tetris. Don’t believe it? Check …

Star Wars Lightsaber Pen

Want an unique lightsaber for your natural Force! Take a look at the Star Wars lightsaber pen. Of course, it’s not used to fight with Darth Vader, but create …

Geek Poetry Fridge Magnets

The official name of the geek fridge magnets set is called “Geek Magnetic Poetry Kit”. Are you a geek who want to make a poem? Let’s go on checking.