OvRcharge Levitating Wireless Charger

Using its magnetic levitation feature, the OvRcharge levitating wireless charger only only charges your smartphone or tablet, but also delivers a futuristic visual effect. Cool? Let’s keep checking.

OvRcharge Anti Gravity Levitating Wireless Charger

The OvRcharge is an innovative and pretty cool wireless charger that measures 140 x 140 x 33mm. As we can see from the images, the wireless charger has a minimalistic and elegant casing made from natural wood for a durable construction, and one-of-a-kind wood grain add some classic and eco-friendly style into the futuristic design, so it easily blends well with different interior styles.

OvRcharge Anti Gravity Levitating Wireless Charger

The levitating wireless charger works with various smartphones and tablets, and it’s able to levitate 600 grams unit and charge it. To achieve altitude and be able to charge wirelessly, your phone needs a specially designed case that consists of two parts including a wireless charging receiver and a magnet to hold its position mid air, and the ultra-thin protective case protects your smartphone from bumps and scratches. Moreover, an optional attachment allows OvRcharge to work with your phone or tablet with an existing protective case.

OvRcharge Anti Gravity Levitating Wireless Charger

When your device is placed above the wooden base, OvRcharge keeps it suspending and rotating in the air. It stops charging your phone or tablet when the battery is full but still levitate and rotate the mobile device until it’s removed.

The OvRcharge has been available for preorder via Indiegogo. You can pledge $209 to own the levitating wireless charger. It will be shipped in February 2017. BTW, also don’t miss Lift levitating charging station and more related cool stuff by following tags.

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