OMLAMP Portable LED Paper Lamp Inspired by Origami

OMLAMP portable LED paper lamp is designed to bring an artistic atmosphere into your living space. Let’s keep checking if you like the design.OMLAMP Portable LED Paper Lamp Inspired by Origami

The OMLAMP is a beautifully crafted LED lamp that measures 21 x 57 x 54mm when folded. With the compact and foldable design, you can effortlessly place the lamp anywhere in your house or keep it in your bag for easy transport.

The portable LED paper lamp delivers a fan-shaped shaft body, and using an origami-style design, it can be formed in arbitrary, semi-sector or spherical shape. Furthermore, the lampshade is made of DuPont Tyvek folding paper that’s waterproof and tear-resistant for long-lasting durability.OMLAMP Portable LED Paper Lamp Inspired by Origami

With two optional styles: plain style and patterned style, it fits for different personal preferences, and the pattern on the paper will never fade faded in various climates. Meanwhile, the wooden base complements to the elegant design with the natural aesthetics.

Moreover, the portable LED paper lamp comes with a metallic knob to adjust the brightness of the light, and it’s bright enough to fit reading. Built-in 1700mAh rechargeable battery offers 4-6 hours of battery life between charges. With a USB-C port, it can be fully charged in 3 hours.

The crowdfunding campaign for OMLAMP is ongoing on Kickstarter. We can pledge $53 to preorder the portable LED paper lamp. It will be shipped in August 2021.

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