Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Gaming Headset

Oculus Quest has been available for preorder. Using the independent, cordless design, the all-in-one VR gaming headset lets you enjoy various VR games anywhere.


Oculus Quest is a powerful, individual VR gaming headset that can work without needing to connect with your computer. With ergonomic contours, padded design and adjustable headband, the VR headset delivers a comfortable wearing experience. Meanwhile, the all-in-one design allows you to play standing or sitting in spaces big or small.


Using Oculus Insight, the headset translates your movements into VR, and it provides accurate room-scale tracking without needing any external sensor. Furthermore, integrated earphones offer positional audio so that you can hear your teammates or what’s sneaking up behind you.


The VR gaming headset comes with two Oculus Touch controllers so that you can interact with items and characters in virtual reality world. Moreover, integrated guardian helps help you avoid nearby objects during gaming.

Oculus Quest all-in-one VR gaming headset with 128GB is priced at $499 USD ($399 for 64GB model). If you’re interested, jump to the product page for its more details.

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