O6 Wearable Smartphone Remote Controller Lets You Control Apps with Speech Feedback

Don’t always check your smartphone. Our eyes need to rest, or you can also try O6. The wearable smartphone remote controller lets you control apps with optional speech feedback, meaning you can listen your notifications, SMS, emails and more.

O6 Wearable Smartphone Remote Controller with Speech Feedback

The O6 is an innovative and handy wearable smartphone remote controller that measures 40mm diameter by 11mm thickness, and weights less than 10g. As we can see from the images, the remote controller shows off an ultra compact and lightweight design, and all-metal casing, minimal design elements and optional colors enable it to match different senses of style. Meanwhile, included on-the-go clip and wrist band allow you to always keep it with you for easy access.

O6 Wearable Smartphone Remote Controller with Speech Feedback

The smartphone remote controller uses Bluetooth technology to wirelessly communicate with iOS device including iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches, and an Android version is under development. The O6 features a unique and easy-to-control rotary command dial with tactile ridges that allows you to switch between apps and commands with one finger, and its patent-pending mechanical architecture enables the rotary dial to double as a functional button supporting single-click, double-click, triple-click and press & hold, so you can fully control various apps just using the remote controller without needing you to watch the screen.

O6 Wearable Smartphone Remote Controller with Speech Feedback

Furthermore, using its context-sensitive feature, O6 has the ability to read your messages, navigation directions, notifications, tweets, Facebook updates and more, so you can handle all info from your smartphone without needing taking it out from your pocket. Moreover, the remote controller also supports gesture controls, and it works as a vibration watch which tells you time by different haptic buzzes, or you can also use it to remotely control your home devices. Apart from these, its rechargeable battery offers 7-10 days of usage between charges.

O6 Wearable Smartphone Remote Controller with Speech Feedback

The crowdfunding campaign for O6 is ongoing via Kickstarter. You can pledge $19 to preorder the smartphone remote controller. It will be shipped in February next year.

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