Noke Smart U-Lock Compatible with Apple Watch

The U-lock not only guards your bike, but also allows you to unlock it via your smartphone or Apple Watch. Nice idea? Let’s go on for Noke smart U-lock.

Noke Smart U-Lock Compatible with Apple Watch

Noke U-Lock is a Bluetooth-enabled smart U-lock that measures 11.18 x 6.85 inches and weights approx 3 pounds. Using built-in Bluetooth technology, the smart U-lock can wirelessly communicate with your smartphone (iOS, Android or Windows) in order that you can effortlessly unlock the smart lock without needing any key, and the smart U-lock is compatible with upcoming Apple Watch. Moreover, the smart U-lock features an ultra strong construction to guard your bike from thieves, and when a would-be intruder shakes the U-lock, a shrieking alarm will go off for extra security. In addition, using its custom app, you can set a custom quick access code, so you won’t worry about forgetting your smartphone, and GPS tracking feature lets you find your bike with ease, apart from that, you can share access with your friends.

Noke Smart U-Lock Compatible with Apple Watch

The team of the smart U-lock is raising fund via Kickstarter. You can pledge $99 to preorder the smart lock. If you need it, head over to Kickstarter official site for more description. Additionally, also don’t miss the smart padlock from Noke.

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