Newyes Digitized Notebook with E-Tablet and Syncpen

With a combination of paper and paperless, Newyes digitized notebook with E-Tablet and Syncpen fits various demands. Like the idea? Let’s keep checking.

Newyes Notebook with Digitized E-Tablet and Syncpen

Newyes is a hybrid notebook set that allows you to write on replaceable paper or an included electronic writing pad. The notebook set contains a Syncpen, a writing pad and a folio notebook cover with 192 pages. The notebook cover keeps all the items in place for ease carrying.

The digitized notebook features a unique smart pen that can work with both paper and the electronic tablet using interchangeable electronic and ballpoint refills. Furthermore, as a digital stylus, the Syncpen features 1024-level pressure sense and a built-in camera lens that is able to precisely capture your every stroke. The Syncpen can store up to 800 pages of notes, and using built-in Bluetooth technology, it also copy them to its companion app on your tablet or smartphone.

Newyes Notebook with Digitized E-Tablet and Syncpen

Moreover, the Newyes app allows you to export your notes in PDF, JPG, TXT MP4 and more formats, and its handwriting recognition supports 71 languages. You can also record audio info that attaches with your notes. The Syncpen allows you to write for 8 hours between charges, and 192 pages of loose-leaf paper bring you a traditional handwriting experience. Using the E-tablet and Syncpen, you can turn your notes and sketches into digital creation for further editing.

The team behind Newyes is raising for the product on Kickstarter. You can pledge $109 to preorder the digitized notebook set. It will be shipped in July 2019.

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