Naucrates Artvz Ridable Smart Luggage

With a ridable design, Naucrates Artvz smart luggage lets you effortlessly move from gate to gate at any airport, and it also automatically follows you and avoid the obstacles in the way. Need more details? Let’s keep checking.Naucrates Artvz Ridable Smart Luggage

The Artvz is an advanced, automated smart luggage that delivers a 20-inch size with volume of 36 liters. As shown in the images, with solid white exterior and black accent, the luggage delivers an elegant and minimal appearance design. Meanwhile, with reinforcement engineering in its internal structure and durable outer casing, the luggage is capable of supporting a rider weighting up to 264.5 lbs (120kg).

As we mentioned above, the smart luggage is ridable. With two built-in motors, the Artvz offers up to 4.3mi/7km riding distance at 4.3mph, and its four all-directional reinforced water resistant wheels with shock absorption provides a stable and comfortable riding experience. Furthermore, the ridable luggage also features advanced AI algorithms and built-in sensors so that it can move automatically follow you and avoid obstacles in its way.Naucrates Artvz Ridable Smart Luggage

Moreover, it comes with a remote to provide simple and intuitive controls. With a built-in intelligent alert system, it will set an alarm on your remote. If you’re more than 10 meters away from it, it will let you know. Just press the return button to make the luggage automatically come back to you. Using built-in GPS tracker, you can also track your luggage with your smartphone anywhere in the world.

The TSA approved battery has an extra USB port so that it doubles as a portable power bank to charge your mobile devices, and its removable design allows you to easily take it out when needed. In addition, its spacious interior allows it to hold your most needed items, and its TSA approved smart lock allows you to unlock it with your fingerprint, while another TSA approved lock enables the airport custom personal to access your luggage without breaking in and damaging the smart lock.

The crowdfunding campaign for Artvz is ongoing on Indiegogo. We can pledge $399 to preorder the ridable smart luggage. It will be shipped in November 2019.

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