MYLE TAP Voice Powered Wearable Thought Catcher

We have seen many fitness trackers that just focus on your daily activities, but if you want more functions, you may like to check MYLE TAP, a voice powered wearable thought catcher.

MYLE TAP Voice Powered Wearable Thought Catcher

MYLE TAP is an innovative and multi purposed wearable smart device that focuses on the ideas passing through your mind. The wearable device measures 31 x 31mm and it shows off an ultra compact design with its lightweight and water-resistant casing. As a wearable voice recorder, MYLE TAP allows to capture your thoughts as voice notes, and built-in Bluetooth makes the wearable wirelessly connect with your smartphone in order that its custom app automatically sync and convert them to text, meanwhile the app can turn assigned notes to actions like to-do list, instant messaging, time tracking, Evernote, activity tracking, making notes and more. Moreover, you can also use it to post voiced updates or tweets, and built-in accelerometer counts burnt calories. Furthermore, MYLE TAP supports 42 languages, and it’s rechargeable battery lasts up to 7 days between charges.

MYLE TAP has been available for preorder. You can pledge $79 to preorder the wearable voice recorder. If you’re interested, jump to Indiegogo for more details.

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