MowRo Smart Autonomous Lawn Mower

MowRo smart autonomous lawn mower is designed to give you a beautiful lawn and you will never waste a Saturday morning to operate a traditional, bulky lawnmower.MowRo Smart Autonomous Lawn Mower

The MowRo is an innovator and easy-to-use autonomous lawn mower that measures 23.5 x 15.25 x 9 inches and weighs 19 lbs. Compared with traditional lawnmowers, the electric lawn mower delivers a compact and lightweight design.

The smart autonomous lawn mower runs on schedule every other day or night to automatically finely cut your grass to help fertilize the lawn naturally. And you can set a custom schedule for the lawnmower.MowRo Smart Autonomous Lawn Mower

With 3 replaceable steel razer blades, the lawnmower effortlessly cut the grass and maintain it a healthy good look. Furthermore, the blades are adjustable from 0.8 -2.4 inches to bring you a personal look. With the 7-inch cutting width, the MowRo can reach every section of a 6,500+ sq ft lawn.

Similar with those smart robot vacuums, the MowRo comes with a docking station. With auto return feature, the smart autonomous lawn mower will return to the station if it’s low on battery, if it begins raining or when finishing its mowing task.

The crowdfunding campaign for MowRo is ongoing on Indiegogo. We can pledge $699 to preorder the smart autonomous lawn mower. It will be shipped in July 2020.

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