Monster X Portable Power Station Charges 11 Devices Simultaneously

With super large capacity and output, Monster X portable power station is capable of charging or powering 11 devices at the same time. Need more features? Let’s keep checking.Monster X Portable Power Station Charges 11 Devices Simultaneously

The Monster X is a powerful and high-performance portable power station that measures 15 x 9.8 x 9.8 inches. With two integrated handles, you can easily move it from one place to another.

Meanwhile, the aluminum alloy structure and ABS+PC shed protect battery pack and components inside.

The mini power station is available in two models based on different battery capacities including X 1300 with 1,278Wh/345,600mAh and X 1100 with 1,065Wh/288,000mAh.Monster X Portable Power Station Charges 11 Devices Simultaneously

Both models feature 2,000W of power output and come equipped with 4 fast-charging USB ports, 2 60W PD USB-C ports and 4 wall outlets (US or Intl), so it’s powerful enough to charge or power 11 devices at the same time.

The portable power station even allows you to power your electric vehicle up to 7.5 extra miles on a single charge.

Furthermore the power station comes with built-in short-circuit protection, battery overcharge protection, output overcharge protection, harsh temperature protection and more safety features.

Monster X Portable Power Station Charges 11 Devices Simultaneously

An intelligent BMS constantly monitors the Tesla’s large-rate discharge lithium battery inside, and keeps it protected by its numerous protection features.

Moreover, app-enabled design allows you to check the status of the power station or turn the outputs on or off as needed.

In addition, Monster X can be recharged via 3 methods including 200W DC, 100W AC, 200W solar input. And it can be 80% recharged in about 3 hours, and 100% in roughly 4 hours.

The crowdfunding campaign for Monster X is ongoing on Indiegogo. We can pledge $800 to preorder the X 1300 portable power station with a 100W solar panel. The bundle will be shipped in June 2020.

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