MOFT X Invisible Phone and Tablet Stands

The company behind MOFT invisible laptop stand has unveiled MOFT X. With two models, the invisible phone/ tablet stand is designed to quietly stay on the back of your mobile device and deliver the optimal viewing experience.MOFT X Invisible Phone and Tablet Stands

The MOFT X for phone measures 0.15″ thin and weighs 2.6 oz. With the ultra-thin and lightweight design, it goes with your phone all the time while you barely even feel its existence. The phone stand supports both portrait and landscape viewing modes, and it delivers the optimal 60-degree angle for comfortable hands-free viewing.

Furthermore, it doubles as a phone grip to provide you a comfortable and secure grip. Its unique glue is tough and strong to endure all kinds of pulling and tearing, and you can also remove it from your phone without leaving a single mark or scratch.MOFT X Invisible Phone and Tablet Stands

The phone stand also serves as a RFID card wallet that securely holds your driving license, credit card and business card. Using optional magnetic sticky pad, you can attach your phone on any surface for flexible usage.

Moreover, the MOFT X for tablet also supports both portrait and landscape modes. It delivers 25-degree, 40-degree or 60-degree angle in portrait mode, and in landscape mode, it also has three optional viewing angles: 30 degrees, 40 degrees and 60 degrees. In addition, an optional magnetic Apple Pencil case keeps original Apple Pencil or Apple Pencil 2 staying together with your iPad, and it supports Apple Pencil 2’s wireless charging.

The crowdfunding campaign for MOFT X is ongoing on Kickstarter. We can pledge $16 to preorder the invisible phone stand ($17 for the tablet stand). Both models will be shipped in November 2019.

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