MiniFalcon Foldable Electric Scooter Fits in a Backpack

MiniFalcon foldable electric scooter is designed to fit in a backpack, so it’s more portable and flexible to fit for more demands. Like the idea? Let’s have a look.

MiniFalcon Foldable Electric Scooter Fits in a Backpack

The MiniFalcon is a high-performance and ultra portable electric scooter that measures 62 x 115.5 x 44cm and weighs 17.85 lbs. When folded, the eScooter measures 34 x 60 x 15cm, so the lightweight and compact design allows it to fit in a custom backpack so that you can easily take it with you for commuting and more outdoor activities. Meanwhile, the aerospace grade anodized aluminum body not only delivers a durable and lightweight construction, but also allows it to hold up to 220 lbs with zero deformity.

MiniFalcon Foldable Electric Scooter Fits in a Backpack

MiniFalcon comes equipped with a 250W brushless noiseless motor and a 5.2Ah lithium-ion battery in order to offer a top speed of 15.53mph and up to 15km riding distance on a 2-hour full charge. Furthermore, adjustable 3-speed gears allow for optimal power distribution in different road conditions, while hidden shock absorber in the front and back wheel ensures comfort and safety in every ride.

Moreover, the eScooter comes equipped with an electric brake and a manual brake to prevent you from sudden accidents on the road, and built-in ABS anti-locking system prevents your wheels from locking up for enhanced safety.

The crowdfunding campaign for MiniFalcon is ongoing via Indiegogo. We can pledge $329 to preorder the foldable electric scooter. It will be shipped in November 2019.

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