Mini Raiser Laptop Stand

What do you think Mini Raiser laptop stand looks like? The first thing that immediately stood out to us was the homemade iPad stand, apparently the stand is ready for laptop.

Mini Raiser Laptop Stand

As we have seen, Mini Raiser is a very very simple laptop stand dedicated to raising your laptop, netbook or MacBook for convenient input and reducing the machine’s heat to a certain extent. We didn’t found out what material the laptop raiser is made of, just know that colorful rubbery, vinyl bumper wraps the bendable stand in order to grab the bottom of the laptop.

Mini Raiser Laptop Stand

Mini raiser laptop stand is available in various bright colors, 2-pack is priced at $7.95 USD. If you’re interested, jump to the official site for more details. Of course, you also can make a mini raiser for your laptop according to the idea of the iPad stand mentioned at the beginning of the article. By the way, you might like to check the Luxa2 M4 laptop cooler.

Mini Raiser: Miniature Laptop Stand Source

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