Meater is a Smart Meat Thermometer for Cooking Meat

Want to always cook perfect meats, and showing your guests your cooking skills? You may like to check Meater, the smart meat thermometer will help you cook perfect meats.

Meater Smart Meat Thermometer for Cooking Meat

The Meater is an innovative and functional smart meat thermometer designed to help you perfectly cook super juicy steak, chicken, turkey, fish and other meats. As we can see from the images, the smart device consists of two parts including Meater Block and Meater probe. The block is a dedicated docking station for the probe. Its wooden housing with metal accents shows off a gorgeous modern design that can easily match different interior decoration.

Meater Smart Meat Thermometer for Cooking Meat

The probe features a dual sensor system. Using its ambient sensor and internal sensor, one probe is capable to monitor the meat’s internal temperature and the ambient temperature close to your food. And using Bluetooth, your smartphone wirelessly communicates with the connected probe. When your food reaches the target temperature, its custom app will remind you with audible and visual notifications.

Meater Smart Meat Thermometer for Cooking Meat

The custom app features various meat cook types. All you need to do select the cook type, place the probe in the meat, and place the food in the oven, then Meater will take over your work. For smoking meats and long BBQ, Meater can estimate the resting temperature of your food and notify you when to take it off the grill or oven.

Meater Smart Meat Thermometer for Cooking Meat

Moreover, Meater Block features built-in WiFi connectivity so you can conveniently use the probe in your outdoor parties, and Meater Cloud feature even allows you to access to your cooking status and receive notifications with your smartphone wherever you’re. Apart from that, each probe is powered by built-in rechargeable battery that lasts 48 hours of continuous cooking on a single charge, and the 4-groove block has an integrated OLED display that allows you to use Meater without a smartphone.

The Meater has been available for preorder on Kickstarter. You can pledge $149 to own the smart thermometer for cooking meat. It will be shipped in January next year.

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