Making Phone Stand with Audio Amplifier with Pringles Box

We have featured some nice acoustic amplifiers for smartphones, but if you like making something by yourself, you may more like to use a Pringles box to make a phone stand with audio amplifier.

Making Phone Stand with Audio Amplifier with Pringles Box

Hboom, a senior crafter created the handsome and functional desktop phone stand. Most importantly, all the materials used by Hboom can be easily found out in our daily life. The main part of the phone stand comes from an empty Pringles box. Using its cylindrical interior, the Pringles box is capable of amplifying the audio from your phone just like a passive audio amplifier when it’s docked via the custom cutout. Moreover, the crafter utilized popsicle sticks to treat the surface of the phone holder for improved elegance, and the custom plywood foot keeps the amplifier securely on the desk. Want to make it? The crafter has unveiled all making steps at instructables. BTW, you may add another cutout, turning it into a versatile charging dock. Of course, also don’t miss other excellent creations by DIY category.

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