Make Your Own Recycled Tent

You can find all kinds of tents in the market, but if you want a custom tent base on your demands, you may like to check the following recycled tent, which will show you how to make your own tent.

Make Your Own Recycled Tent

Bentm, a member of instructables designed and made the 2-3 person backpacking tent. He utilized the metals from a crappy old cabin tent and a 2-person tent to build his own perfect tent, and before this, the maker had gather up all ideas about an ideal tent and draw up blueprints in order to logically build his tent. Of course, all the efforts are the triangular roomy tent that weights 4 lbs, and it’s overbuilt to withstand downpours, snow, crappy terrain, and high coastal and mountain winds. Most importantly, all making steps and blueprints have been unveiled by generous Bentm, so you can also make a personalized tent based on the guide. Nice idea? Jump to instructables for the detailed steps. BTW, if you need some available options, you may like to check Cinch! pop-up tent and more via following tags.

Make Your Own Recycled Tent Make Your Own Recycled Tent


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