Make Your Own Double-ended USB Flash Drive

One side for public files, another for private files, no doubt, it’s a great method to protect your privacy. How to achieve? The following double-ended USB flash drive will show it to you.

Make Your Own Double-ended USB Flash Drive

This is a practical USB flash drive handmade by a talented crafter from instructables. As we can see from the images, the USB drive features two flash memories, its two USB connectors are placed on either side of the casing for public files and privacy data respectively. The crafter used four pieces of plywood to construct the casing to hold two flash memories, and the engraved symbols allow him to distinguish the two flash memories. The crafter has released the steps to making the double-ended USB flash drive. If you’re interested, jump to his instructables page for more details, or check out the following demo video first.

Additionally, if you have no time to make the USB drive, you might like to check Split Stick USB flash drive.

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