MAGIBLE All-In-One Charging Cable for Smartphones, Tablets and MacBook

Using two detachable adapters the MAGIBLE all-in-one charging cable works with various smartphones, tablets and USB-C equipped MacBooks. In addition to charging, the cable also brings you more functions. Curious? Let’s keep checking.

MAGIBLE All-In-One Charging Cable with Lightning, microUSB and USB-C

The MAGIBLE is an innovative and multi purposed data and charging cable that works with various mobile devices with Lightning, USB, microUSB, or USB-C interface. As shown in the images, the cable sports a low-profile and discreet appearance design, and the exterior is made of nylon braiding material, so it’s tough enough to pull a SUV. The tangle-free design lets you more conveniently store it in your bag.

MAGIBLE All-In-One Charging Cable with Lightning, microUSB and USB-C

Each end of the cable feature a detachable USB-C adapter, so you can effortlessly switch it among Lightning cable, microUSB cable and USB-C cable. Using 24 AWG copper wires, MAGIBLE cable is capable of proving more efficient charging and data transmission 30% faster. Furthermore, the cable is OTG enabled, so it supports device-to-device charging, data syncing between phones, or you can also connect other external devices with your phone such as a computer mouse, keyboard, USB flash drive, digital camera, Game controller and more.

Moreover, as a USB-C cable, MAGIBLE works with USB-C equipped MacBooks or other laptops. Using the detachable adapter, you can conveniently connect various external devices with your laptop. With the help of its duet display app, the cable even allows you to add an extra display to your new MacBook Pro.

The team of MAGIBLE has raised enough crowdfund for the product on Indiegogo, but we can still pledge $19 to preorder the all-in-one charging cable. It’s expected to be shipped in October 2017.

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