MAG-LEV Audio Levitating Turntable

Using patented magnetic levitation technology, MAG-LEV Audio levitating turntable delivers a pretty cool way to play your favorite vinyl records along with better audio experience. Cool enough? Let’s keep checking.

MAG-LEV Audio Levitating Turntable

Appearance design

It’s uniquely designed and premium turntable that measures 450 x 150 x 330m and weighs 8.8kg. As shown in the images, the turntable shows off a sleek and minimalistic design, and four rounded aluminum feet not only firmly keep the turntable on your desk, but also delivers enhanced modern design aesthetics.

More importantly, using built-in magnetic levitation technology, the turntable delivers an eye-charming and futuristic visual effect along with subtle orange lighting on its base when playing vinyl record.

MAG-LEV Audio Levitating Turntable

Function features

The levitating feature not only delivers a pretty cool visual effect. Using sensor regulating software, the turntable also features incredibly precise turning of the platter for high-quality audio. The tonearm is lifted at the end of your record, so you won’t worry about your records being scratched.

When you begin using the turntable, its feet under a platter will automatically retract. When you place the tonearm in its original position, the platter feet will automatically rise up, so you can safely switch off the turntable.

MAG-LEV Audio Levitating Turntable

Moreover, the levitating turntable supports 33.3 rpm and 45 rpm, and a rounded interface lets you switch for various records with ease.

Price and shipment date

The crowdfunding campaign for MAG-LEV Audio levitating turntable is ongoing on Kickstarter. You can pledge $840 to preorder the innovative turntable. It will be shipped in August 2017.

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