LVL Wearable Hydration Monitor with Fitness Tracker and Heart Rate Sensor

In addition to tracking your hydration, the LVL wearable hydration monitor also features the functions of fitness tracker with heart rate monitor, so it has the ability to more comprehensively track your health and fitness. Cool? Let’s continue reading.

LVL Wearable Hydration Monitor with Fitness Tracker

The LVL is an advanced and versatile fitness tracker with hydration monitor designed to track your hydration, activity and heart rate. As we can see from the images, the smart wristband shows off a sleek, minimal and stylish appearance, and it comes in two different materials for its strap including silicone and leather. The silicone strap delivers a sport-style design while the leather strap adds more classic and luxurious aesthetics to the wearable.

LVL Wearable Hydration Monitor with Fitness Tracker

Unlike regular fitness trackers with heart rate monitors using green light technology, LVL hydration monitor features a revolutionary red light technology (actually near infrared light) that not only measures your dehydration, but also monitors your heart rate. The sensor can measures 10 times deeper in the body than green light can for more accurate measurement.

The LVL monitor tracks your hydration in real time and tell you how much fluid you need based off of current levels and sweat rates) and what type of performance boost you can expect. As a fitness tracker, LVL also tracks steps, distance, floors climbed, calories burned, sleep quality and more. Moreover, its smart alarm wakes you up at the right time every morning, and built-in Bluetooth technology allows it to wirelessly connect with your smartphone, so you can check all your tracking data via its custom companion app.

LVL Wearable Hydration Monitor with Fitness Tracker

The crowdfunding campaign for LVL is ongoing on Kickstarter. Pledging $119 will let you own the hydration tracker with fitness and heart rate monitor. The wearable will be shipped in July 2017.

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