Lum Concept Portable Wireless Projector

With its versatile and gorgeous design, the Lum wireless projector decently stands on the table and delivers your favorite videos. You’ve been attracted by its appearance? Let’s keep checking.

Lum Concept Portable Wireless Projector

Alexandra Sakalian, a product designer in Detroit designed the home entertainment projector named Lum. As we can see from the images, the Lum looks like a bit bigger than those ultra compact cubic projectors such as CINEMOOD mini projector, but it’s still portable enough to be easily placed anywhere in your house or stored in your bag for a camping trip. The portable projector shows off a minimalistic, cylindrical profile, and its curved design and simple detailing make it be a paragon of modern aesthetics.

Lum Concept Portable Wireless Projector

The home entertainment projector utilizes Bluetooth technology to wirelessly connect with your mobile devices, and its USB and HDMI ports allow it to work with your USB external storage devices and HDTV. Furthermore, the portable projector comes with a well designed remote controller supporting gesture control, and built-in rechargeable battery offers up to 4.5 hours of battery life. In addition, using an included charging station, it can be charged with ease. However, the Lum is unavailable. If you need a few available options, you may like to check Beam smart projector and more cool stuff by following tags.

Lum Concept Portable Wireless Projector Lum Concept Portable Wireless Projector Lum Concept Portable Wireless Projector

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