LOL Guided Wall Outlet Design Concept

Many talented designers have been looking for various ways to guide you to insert your plug into wall outlet in the dark, while the latest design concept is the following LOL guided wall outlet.

LOL Guided Wall Outlet Design Concept

LOL socket is a practical and easy-to-achieve design concept designed by Devraj Bhadra. As we can see from the images, the wall outlet features two grooves across the socket holes, apparently the grooves looks a bit unremarkable, but the clever design can guide the plug in your hand effortlessly toward the socket holes, very practical, especially in the dark. Moreover, the groove formed between the socket and wall can be used as a cable organizer to keep your room neat. Additionally, donut socket is also an incredible design concept for those who got trouble in inserting plug into socket in the dark.

LOL Guided Wall Outlet Design Concept

Source: Yanko Design

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