LIQ8POD Smart Dispenser with Motion Sensor

With a built-in motion sensor, LIQ8POD smart dispenser can be activated automatically, and it supports many cleaning or consumable liquids. Let’s have a look if you like the design.LIQ8POD Smart Dispenser with Motion Sensor

The LIQ8POD is a versatile and motion activated automatic dispenser that works with all gels, sauces, oils, foam and mist using included interchangeable nozzles. As shown in the images, the dispenser delivers a sleek and elegant appearance design, and the compact form factor allows you to place it anywhere in your room, even in your fridge. An optional wall mount also it stays on the way near main entrance, and with water resistant design, it also fits next to the shower or the kitchen sink.

The smart dispenser is fitted with a motion sensor below the nozzle so that you can use it without needing to touch it. Furthermore, when you use it as a touchless sanitizing dispenser, it ensures your hands can be fully washed using a 20-second countdown.LIQ8POD Smart Dispenser with Motion Sensor

Furthermore, the smart dispenser also comes equipped with LED light. When detecting movements in its surroundings, it will automatically glow in the dark, so you can easily access to the dispenser even in the dark.

Moreover, the automatic dispenser is made from antimicrobial materials, so it’s hard for germs to survive on the surface. Built-in rechargeable battery offers months of battery life between charges. In addition, its pro version also features a temperature sensor on the lid to detect your body temperature.

The crowdfunding campaign for LIQ8POD is ongoing on Kickstarter. We can pledge $35 to preorder the smart dispenser ($46 for the pro version). Both models will be shipped in January 2021.

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