Lexus Unveiled a Workable Hoverboard

Hoverboard, the futuristic concept has been widely used in numerous sci-fi titles, but as always, it’s just a concept. Now Lexus want to change the fact with their workable SLIDE hoverboard being developed.

The workable hoverboard developed by Lexus

Lexus, as we know, a famous Japanese luxury vehicle company is diverting their attention to futuristic transportation tools. The SLIDE is their fourth project in the ‘Amazing in Motion’ series. At present, the rideable hoverboard is still under development, and from the following video, the skateboard features an awesome no-wheel design, and it looks a bit thicker than conventional skateboards, no doubt, there are many cutting-edge technologies in the body. Moreover, the board is actually levitated above the ground, but there is no driver on the hoverboard. According to Lexus, more updates about the hoverboard will be unveiled over the Corning weeks. BTW, the usage of liquid nitrogen for cooling makes it look pretty cool.

The workable hoverboard developed by Lexus The workable hoverboard developed by Lexus

via Cool Hunting

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