Lenovo Explorer Windows Mixed Readily Headset with Inside-out Tracking

Lenovo Explorer windows mixed reality headset has been available for preorder on Microsoft. Using inside-out tracking technology and spatial audio the VR headset brings you a more immersive virtual reality world.

Lenovo Explorer Windows Mixed Readily Headset

Levono Explorer is a pair of high-performance Windows mixed reality headset. As shown in the images, the headset sports a sleek and low-profile appearance design. With its adjustable headband and padded design the VR headset delivers a custom fit for every adventurer who steps in the virtual reality world.

Lenovo Explorer Windows Mixed Readily Headset

The Windows mixed reality headset comes equipped with two high-resolution liquid crystal displays at 1440 x 1440 resolution, so you will get a clear and vivid virtual world with the VR headset. Furthermore, built-in audio out works with your existing headphones so that you can hear sounds from special locations just like in the real world.

Moreover, its inside-out tracking technology delivers precise movement fidelity without needing extra external hardware. Using a pair of wireless controllers with haptic feedback, thumbsticks and button control you can discover every reality world with your hands. In addition, the front hinged design allows you to switch between reality world and the real world in seconds.

Lenovo Explorer Windows Mixed Readily Headset

Lenovo Explorer Windows mixed reality headset is priced at $399 USD. If you’re interested, jump to Microsoft official site for its more details.

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