LeGrow Modular Indoor Planter for Your Own Desktop Garden

LeGrow modular indoor planter lets you build your own desktop garden with multiple modules, and you can even add more functions for the mini garden like humidifier, Bluetooth speaker and more.LeGrow Modular Indoor Planter for Your Own Desktop Garden

The LeGrow is a flexible, customizable modular indoor planter set that consists of different modules and one or more modular self-watering trays. With the modular design, you can create a unique indoor garden based on your preference or living space.

The tray with 4-pot capacity measures 17 x 17cm and can store 285ml of water. Each pot needs 11ml of water per day, so it can support 4 pots of water for 7 days. Furthermore, it’s available in two different planters, the vertical planter is suitable for hanging plants, and the moss planter allows for moss plants and carnivorous plants or shallow root plants.LeGrow Modular Indoor Planter for Your Own Desktop Garden

Moreover, LED lamp module features 2 LED bulbs with a full-spectrum LED chip to give your plants adequate light. The humidifier module can release more than 30ml of water per hour to maintain a comfortable indoor humidity level. In addition, the Bluetooth speaker module streams your favorite music over Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, while a power dock gives you four USB ports with 36W total output to charge your mobile devices.

The crowdfunding campaign for LeGrow is ongoing on Kickstarter. We can pledge $69 to preorder a fully featured LeGrow modular indoor planter set. It will be shipped in September 2021.

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