LEGO Samurai Warrior by Cameron G

LEGO Samurai Warrior

Obviously, through LEGO we not only take a peep into the future such as the LEGO Crawler, we also can return to the past such as the LEGO Samurai Warrior.

It’s the second LEGO model which we dig at Mocpages, which is made by Cameron G. I’ve never thought LEGO bricks can be assembled into a vivid samurai warrior that wears an exquisite armor and equips two unique Japanese swords. It seems that the LEGO samurai warrior came from Japanese Sengoku period.

LEGO Samurai Warrior

Very wonderful LEGO idea! If you like the armor, sword or samurai from ancient Japan, you can find some here, for example, the Samurai Armor with Chanel Logo.

LEGO Samurai Warrior by Cameron G Source

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