Koto Smart Sensors for a Healthier Indoor Environment

Using multiple built-in sensors, Koto smart sensors monitor your indoor environment, and with the help of other smart devices, the sensors will help you keep your home healthier. Nice idea? Let’s keep going.

Koto Smart Sensors for a Healthier Indoor Environment

The Koto is an advanced and practical indoor monitoring device that comes in three models including Koto Blink, Koto Air, and Koto Storm. As we can see from the images, the three models features a sleek and ultra portable design so you can place them in your house anywhere and each blends well with your interior decoration. The Blink and Air are shaped as a portable cube with smooth edging, while the Air shows off a unique polyhedral design.

Koto Smart Sensors - Blink

The Blink is the basic model of Koto. Using built-in sensors, the smart device monitor temperature, humidity, light and noise in your room. In addition to the four monitoring targets, Koto Air also detects indoor dust and harmful gases, and Koto Storm is able to monitor barometric pressure and lightning strikes, which can help you stay safe during storm season.

Koto Smart Sensors - Air

All the three models comes equipped with built-in Bluetooth technology in order to wirelessly communicate with your smartphone, and custom app shows you all monitoring info on your handset. Moreover, Koto Storm doubles as a center hub that wirelessly connects with all Koto models in your house using WiFi, and the smart sensors have their own IFTTT channel so that they can interact with your other smart devices like smart thermostat, connected lightbulbs, smart outlets and more.

Koto Smart Sensors - Storm

The Koto smart sensors have been available on Indiegogo. Pledging $69 to $369 will let you own one sensor or a full apartment Koto pack. The smart monitoring device will be shipped in March next year.

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