KAZbrella Revolutionary Reverse Folding Umbrella

The umbrella has been around for thousands of years. Now it’s time to add some new features to the ultra classic gadget. Curious? Let’s keep going for KAZbrella reverse folding umbrella.

KAZbrella Reverse Folding Umbrella

The KAZbrella is a revolutionary umbrella that delivers you multiple functional features which you want on a regular umbrella. The umbrella features redesigned, unique mechanics that allow you to open the umbrella inside out, so you can easily open or close it in a crowd, and when closed, the wet sides of the canopy can be left on the inside. You won’t worry about it dripping on the flood or soaking something it touches. In addition, you can easily close your KAZbrella via a small gap of your car door, whilst remaining dry, and double-layered construction keeps it string in the wind.

KAZbrella Reverse Folding Umbrella KAZbrella Reverse Folding Umbrella

The KAZbrella has been available for preorder. Pledging £39 (approx $60 USD) will let you own the reverse folding umbrella. If you’re interested, head to Kickstarter for more details.

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