HumbleWorks Portable and Adjustable Standing Desk

Using four custom pieces of plywood, HumbleWorks delivers us a potable and adjustable standing desk that provides a comfortable and health workstation. Like the feature? Let’s keep checking.

HumbleWorks Portable Standing Desk

Appearance design

HumbleWorks, a London-based design studio designed and created the versatile standing stand. As we can see from the images, the standing desk shows off an elegant and compact design that allows you to easily deploy it on your desk, and smooth curves and charming wood grain deliver stylish and graceful aesthetic style that matches well with various interior decoration styles.

The portable standing desk consists of five custom designed pieces of 18mm thick birch plywood. When not in use, its detachable design allows it to be easily stored in any corner of your house or office.

HumbleWorks Portable Standing Desk

Function features

When set up on your desk, the standing desk allows you to stand beside the desk for working in order to improve your productivity and health.

Furthermore, one tray is designed to hold your laptop, and it’s compatible with various laptops in different sizes. Another long tray keeps your keyboard and mouse below the laptop for comfortable operation. Moreover, a small tray holds some accessories and mobile devices like smartphone, smartwatch and more.

Apart from these, its solid construction stably keeps all the items in place.

Price and availability

The wooden standing desk is priced at $253 USD. If you’re interested, jump to BuyMeDesign online store for its more details.

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