Hidn Tempo Smart Watch Band Helps You Monitor and Reduce Your Stress

Using built-in sensor technologies, hidn tempo is able to help you monitor and reduce your stress, and universal design allows the smart watch band to work with various watches including your Apple Watch.

Hidn Tempo Smart Watch Band Focuses on Reducing Your Stress

The hidn tempo is an advanced and practical smart watch band that focuses on managing your stress. As we can see from the images, the watch band has an elegant and low-key design, and its universal design allows it to work with any kind of wrist watch that has a 20mm lug width or even your Apple Watch.

Using galvanic skin response (GSR), the smart watch band can measure your stress level. When your stress increases, your hidn tempo will set off an alarm and ask you three questions in order to build knowledge about your stress, then its free companion app analyzes the data from the smart watch band and gives you effective suggestions on reducing negative stress in your daily life.

Hidn Tempo Smart Watch Band Focuses on Reducing Your Stress

Moreover, using built-in 3D accelerometer the hidn tempo also tracks your daily activities, and when combining GSR and accelerometer measurements, hidn tempo also delivers detailed analysis of your sleep quality. In addition, the designers behind hidn tempo also offers a custom watch case made from stainless steel with two color options, which perfectly works with the smart watch band.

Hidn Tempo Smart Watch Band Focuses on Reducing Your Stress

The crowdfunding campaign for hidn tempo is ongoing on Kickstarter. You can pledge $99 to preorder the smart watch band and watch. The bundle will be shipped in June this year if it reaches its crowdfunding goal. BTW, also don’t miss the WellBe smart wristband and more related cool stuff by following tags.

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