Handmade Reusable Lunch Bag with Coconut Buttons

Compared with plastic lunch boxes, the handmade reusable lunch bag delivers a more eco-friendly and health way to hold your food. Like the design? Let’s keep checking.Handmade Reusable Lunch Bag with Coconut Buttons

This is a well-designed and practical lunch bag handmade by WarmGreyCompany, a Latvia based handicraft studio. As shown in the images, the bag shows off a sleek and classic design with four optional colors. Meanwhile, it’s made of washable paper made out of natural cellulose fiber for a durable, green and reusable construction.

The lunch bag is available in two sizes. One measures 8.7 inches high and the base is 4.7 x 2.4 inches, while another is 12.5 inches high, and the base measures 8 x 4.7 inches, so you can choose based on different needs. Moreover, the lunch bag can be rolled and has optional coconut buttons, so it keeps your food sealed in place. In addition, it’s easy to clean by simply washing like all your dishes by hand.Handmade Reusable Lunch Bag with Coconut Buttons

The handmade reusable paper lunch bag starts from $10.89 USD. If you’re interested, jump to Etsy for its more details.

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