Handmade Overwatch Wooden Drink Coasters

The handmade wooden coaster sets are designed to bring some elements from Overwatch into your room. These drink coasters may draw your attention if you’re a big fan of the game.

Handmade Overwatch Drink Coasters

This is a series of handcrafted drink coasters inspired by Overwatch, a popular team-based multiplayer FOS video game. The coaster series contains eight different designs, each one is designed based on a hero in the universe of Overwatch including Mei, Genji, Soldier 76, Mercy, Roadhog, LĂșcio, Reaper, as well as D.Va and Sombra. As we can see from the images, each of the Overwatch coasters shows off an engraved pattern from the character like Sombra’s hacking sign, Mercy’s wings, D.Va’s cartoon rabbit, and more.

Handmade Overwatch Drink Coasters

The Overwatch drink coaster measures 3.55 x 3.55 x 0.18 inches, and all of them are made from cherry wood, which delivers gorgeous, natural wood grain. Furthermore, the wooden coasters are finished with a structure oil in order to make them dirt and water resistant. In addition, you can also customize them by laser engraving your own words.

Handmade Overwatch Drink Coasters

The one of the handmade Overwatch coasters is priced at $4.64 (extra $6.29 for custom words). If you’re interested, jump to Etsy for its more details.

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