Category: Handmade Gadgets


Recycled iPod Clock

It seems all those outdated Apple gadgets can be used for some recycled clocks such as the former clock. Now we found a new one: recycled iPod clock.

Unusual Darth Vader Helmets

Obviously it’s very hard to get the following unusual Darth Vader helmet at official Star Wars store. Because all these helmets are customized and so different with the normal …

Steampunk Tiny Tank Model

Welcome to the war of Steampunk. Unfortunately we just found a steampunk tiny tank model. It’s a bit difficult to collect an steampunk army. Anyway, we have one, and …

Pocket Card LED Light Lamp

When you drew this cardboard with a pattern of light bulb from your wallet, your friends or co-workers would be puzzled at your strange action. But we believe it’s …