Handmade Chrome Cable Organizer for Wall and Desk

The handmade chrome cable organizer is designed to fix on your desk or wall to make your cables easier to access, and the glossy metallic finish brings some modern detailing into your living room. Like the design? Let’s keep checking.Handmade Chrome Cable Organizer for Wall and Desk

This is a beautifully crafted and easy-to-use cable management handmade by BRIGHTTIA, a New York based handicraft studio. As shown in the images, the cable organizer delivers an ultra compact, button-like form factor, and the shining chrome-electroplated exterior decorates your desktop with some sleek modern aesthetics.

The chrome cable management is made of machined brass for durability, and with 4 color options and the tiny design, it’s good to mix with any desk setup. Using two-piece design, you can easily put your charging cable, lamp cord or any similarly sized cord in the cable management button.Handmade Chrome Cable Organizer for Wall and Desk

Two included mounting screws and two wall anchors allow you to attach the buttons to your desktop or wall. Of course, you can also use double-sided tape for a flexible application.

The handmade chrome cable organizer is priced at $4.85 USD. If you’re interested, jump to Etsy for its more details.

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