GoSun Solar Dogger Lets Us Cook Hot Dogs and Sausages with Solar Energy

We love various outdoor activities and delicious foods, so we need more solar cooking accessories such as GoSun Solar Dogger, which lets us cook hot dogs, sausages and more with solar energy.

GoSun Solar Dogger Hot Dog Cooker

The GoSun Solar Dogger is an innovative and practical solar hot dog cooker that measures only 14″ long, 7″ wide and 3″ tall (closed) and weights 2.5 lbs. As we can see from the images, the hot dog maker shows off an ultra portable and sleek appearance which allows you to easily take it anywhere with you for a great picnic, camping trip or any outdoor activity.

GoSun Solar Dogger Hot Dog Cooker

The solar hot dog maker comes with a stainless steel cooking tray which can be used to hold up to two hot dogs or other tubular foods like taquito, sausage, veggie dog, blintze, tot, nugget and chicken strip. When you slide the tray with your favorite tubular food into the borosilicate glass tube, its insulated aluminum lid with a food-grade silicone seal keeps the food in the fully sealed space. Meanwhile, its mirrored reflectors on the opposite sides of the shells triple the amount of sunlight hitting the tube in order that the vacuum tube converts 80% sunlight into heat, which makes it like an oven, reaching up to temperatures of 550 degrees Fahrenheit. You just spend 10 minutes on cooking two hotdogs, and you will never get annoyed by liquid or solid fuels, smoking stove, and additional cookware sets.

GoSun Solar Dogger Hot Dog Cooker

The GoSun Solar Dogger has been available for preorder via Indiegogo. You can pledge $59 to preorder the solar hot dog cooker. It will be shipped in December this year. BTW, also don’t miss the SolSource solar stove.

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