Google Wifi Wireless Router with Network Assist

Google is trying to dominate your home with its new devices including Google Home and the new Google Wifi with Network Assist. The wireless router also works as WiFi extender, so you can use multiple Google Wifi units to extend wireless signal to every corner of your home.

Google Wifi Wireless Router

The Google Wifi is a versatile WiFi router that shows off a compact and minimalistic appearance, and its LED indicator artistically arranged in the center of the white body, which not only displays the status of the router, but also delivers gorgeous light effect, so you can easily deploy the unit anywhere in your house.

The WiFi router features a custom companion app that allows you to effortlessly configure and control your one or more Google Wifi units, for instance, easily share your WiFi password, see which devices are online, prioritize devices for better performance, pause the signal to your children’s devices, and more.

Google Wifi Wireless Router

More importantly, the WiFi router also acts a WiFi extender, so you can arrange multiple Google Wifi units in different places, getting a fully covered wireless signal in your house. Meanwhile, its built-in Network Assist automatically helps you avoid WiFi congestion and provide improved signal. In addition, it also offers suggestions on how to optimize your wireless performance.

The Google Wifi is priced at $129 USD, and a set of three units costs $299 USD. If you’re interested, jump to Amazon for its more details.

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