Glamos Motion Sensor Creates a Virtual Touchscreen Anywhere

Glamos motion sensor is designed to project a virtual touchscreen anywhere you want, and its rotating mirror module accurately captures your motion. Curious? Let’s keep checking.Glamos Motion Sensor Creates a Virtual Touchscreen Anywhere

The Glamos is an innovative and practical motion sensor that measures only1.5 x 1.3 x 1.3 inches. With the ultra compact cubic form factor, you can effortlessly take it with you anywhere you go. The virtual touchscreen creator is available in two versions, the basic version requires a cable connection to the device while the pro version can connect to a device using Bluetooth technology.

The Glamos supports PC (Windows 7 or later), macOS, Android, iOS, and all Smart TVs. Just connecting it to your device by cable or Bluetooth, you will get a virtual touchscreen near your to help you more conveiently control the device by gestures.Glamos Motion Sensor Creates a Virtual Touchscreen Anywhere

The Glamos features a rotating mirror module to scan its surroundings. It measures the distance between the objects and itself and detects your motions, and then transforms the data into a touch coordinate, finally sends it to a display screen for interaction.

Moreover, the motion sensor automatically scales the size of the virtual touchscreen, so the screen can be as small as a smartphone screen or as big as 6×3 ft. The rotating mirror helps it to capture every motion from all directions without any limitations.

The Glamos motion sensor has been available for preorder for $129 ($149 for pro version) via its crowdfunding campaign page. If you’re interested, jump to Indiegogo for its more details.

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