Geopress Portable Water Purifier Makes Water Clean in 8 Seconds

Geopress portable water purifier is designed to make safe purified drinking water in 8 second. Need the feature? Let’s continue checking.

Geopress Portable Water Purifier Makes Water Clean in 8 Seconds

The Geopress is an advanced and easy-to-use water purifier that measures 10.4 inches high by 3.4 inches diameter and weighs 15.9 oz. As shown in the images, the water purifier boasts a compact, cylindrical form factor, and the 2-finger loop on the cap lets you easily carry it in your hand or hang it on your backpack with a carabiner. Meanwhile, the Geopress is made from BPA free materials including polypropylene #5, food-grade silicone, TPE, and ABS food-grade plastic for a safe and durable construction.

The portable water purifier comes equipped with a replaceable purifier cartridge that contains non-woven ceramic media fibers with positively charged ions and powdered activated carbon in order to remove viruses, bacteria, protozoan cysts, filter sediment, microplastics, chemicals, heavy metal, and improve the water’s taste and clarity. All you need to do for clean drinking water is fill the outer refill of your Geopress with dirty water, and press the inner container into the refill, then you will get up to 24oz of safe purified drinking water.

Geopress Portable Water Purifier Makes Water Clean in 8 Seconds

Furthermore, the replaceable filter supports 350 press (65 gal / 250L), and it’s able to purify up to 24oz of dirty water in 8 seconds. The SimpleVent spout cap not only allows you to press and purify water with the cap on, but also keeps the spout clean.

The team behind Geopress is raising fund for the product on Kickstarter. We can pledge $68 to preorder the portable water purifier. It will be shipped in April 2019.

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