GearEye Wireless Tracker Helps You Organize and Track All Your Gear with RFID

Using multiple RFID tags, GearEye wireless tracker helps you organize and track all your gear, so you won’t worry about leaving something important behind you during any trip. Like the feature? Let’s continue checking.

GearEye Wireless Tracker with RFID Tags

Appearance design

The GearEye is an innovative and powerful item tracking system that consists a GearEye Dongle and multiple GearTags. As we can see from the images, the dongle sports an ultra-compact and sleek design. The cylindrical body allows you to easily hold it in your hand or conveniently store it in your pocket.

Unlike regular Bluetooth trackers, GearEye uses RFID technology to track your items, so the GearTag features ultra-thin and flexible design and comes in different sizes in order that you can more conveniently attach the RFID tags to your items.

GearEye Wireless Tracker with RFID Tags

Function features

The GearTags are durable and long lasting, the ultra-thin design allows them to work with any item you need to track. More importantly, with the help of RFID, the GearTags are battery-free.

The dongle uses Bluetooth technology to wirelessly communicate with your smartphone. Using its custom app, you can add one or more gear lists, and the dongle will help you check your items with GearTags with one press on its app interface and show you the result via your phone.

The wireless tracker supports scanning up to 3 meters, and you can use your smartphone to locate the dongle within 10 meters. In addition to the dongle, GearEye features an optional battery case that comes in several models for iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6/6 Plus and Galaxy S6/S6 Edge as well Galaxy S7/S7 Edge. The battery case has the same features of the dongle, and using your phone’s gyroscope, the case delivers more accurate tracking data. Meanwhile, it works as a battery case to charge your smartphone.

GearEye Wireless Tracker with RFID Tags

Price and shipment date

The crowdfunding campaign for GearEye is in progress on Kickstarter. Pledging $129 will let you own GearEye wireless tracker with 20 GearTags. It will be shipped in July 2017.

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