FoldEat Modular Lunchbox with Stackable Containers, Gel Packs and More

FoldEat modular lunchbox provides all you need for your lunch time with well-designed modules like stackable containers, gel packs and more, and a versatile carry bag also serves as an eating mat. Sounds good? Let’s keep checking.FoldEat Modular Lunchbox with Stackable Containers, Gel Packs and More

The FoldEat is a beautifully designed and customizable modular lunchbox that consists of stackable food and soup containers, small plates, gel packs, magnetic cutlery holder, and a carry bag. As shown in the images, the carry bag delivers a bright and stylish appearance design, and with a reversible design, it gives you 2 different color styles.

Meanwhile, the carry bag features a two-layer fabric design, and an insulation layer is built between the two layers to keep your food warm and drinks cold for hours. Furthermore, the carry bag is foldable using an origami-style design so that you can unfold it in seconds and use it as an eating mat to hold all of lunchbox modules.FoldEat Modular Lunchbox with Stackable Containers, Gel Packs and More

FoldEat can hold up to four containers, and the stackable container features a food separator so that you can customize the inner space based on different foods. The soup container features a screwed lid to prevent leakage.

Moreover, the custom designed gel packs can be set between the containers to keep the temperature steady for a longer time. The dips can be used to hold your favorite nuts, seasoning and more, and the cutlery holder keeps your utensils in place for easy storage and access. In addition, a custom phone holder holds your phone upright in landscape mode for handsfree viewing.

The crowdfunding campaign for FoldEat is ongoing on Kickstarter. We can pledge $59 to preorder the modular lunchbox. It will be shipped in February 2020.

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